Hemorrhoids – Laser treatment

The treatment for hemorrhoids has changed radically and no longer provokes any inconvenience or complications for the patient. In the area where the hemorrhoids are located, a very gentle intervention is performed using a special laser. The laser treatment for hemorrhoids takes only 15 minutes and is totally painless.

The method used by Proctoclinic is called «Total Hemorrhoidoplasty with Laser» and is the most modern and safe method that medical science and technology has to offer for this particular condition.

After the use of ultrasound for more than a decade (1996-2008) with the well-known techniques HAL-RAR, THD, TRILOGY or HELP the use of modern laser and special optical fiber is the second major revolution in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Of course, it’s the training of the qualified physician that makes the difference in combination with many years of experience. The application of successful laser treatment for hemorrhoids in more than 11000 cases of anal diseases by Dr. Alkiviadis Pappas, can guarantee you a safe and permanent result.
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Total Laser Hemorrhoidectomy: The safest and definitive treatment

Hemorrhoids, as it is called, is not uncommon. On the contrary, it occurs in a very large percentage of the population. Neglecting them, unfortunately, is also not uncommon. Many patients endure the bleeding and pain, perhaps fearing the complications of such an operation.

However, things have changed radically in recent years and the old techniques, such as surgical excision, have now been discontinued. While the use of the later and by far better technique, which was ultrasound ablation, is also tending to die out because of the frequent recurrences it used to have and because it has been replaced by the truly revolutionary technique of using lasers.

Proctoclinic is a pioneer in Greece and in Europe in the use of the latest Laser technology for the treatment of anal diseases, since 2009, when it introduced the method of haemorrhoidoplasty.

Laser hemorrhoidoplasty is a painless, minimally invasive method, that takes less than fifteen minutes and is performed under minimal anesthesia or intoxication. It is the only technique that directly intervenes in the hemorrhoidal mesh, causing its definitive shrinkage, without even minimally affecting the lining of the bowel and without leaving any post-operative scarring within the anus.

It is the most advanced technique of the so-called painless ones (LOGO, THD or HAL or TRILOGY – ultrasound-assisted liposuction), which minimizes complications and side effects, while at the same time eliminating recurrences. It is by far the safest treatment even in patients with blood clotting problems or in patients on anticoagulation. The treatment is done without stopping anticoagulant drugs.

No hospitalization is required after the procedure and the patient returns home. The next day the patient can return to daily activities without any problems.

In this sense, do not hesitate to improve your quality of life by ridding your body of problematic hemorrhoids. It is a matter of just a few minutes, done through a simple, bloodless and completely painless procedure that ensures you a definitive solution.

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