Pilonidal cyst, Laser treatment

Innovative method of treatment without surgery

A Pilonidal cyst is a fistula (tunnel under the skin) at the point where we have our so-called “tail”. Its treatment used to require excision (cutting) of the damaged tissue. But things have changed since 2012, when Dr. Alkiviadis Pappas first developed the SiLaT technique, which has now become widely accepted and tends to completely replace the old methods.

The SiLaT technique saves the patient from pain and recovery time, as it is done by laser application, takes only 15 minutes and offers permanent results, without recurrences or complications.

This laser treatment differs from any other known method, as it is applied internally to the fistula with the help of a microcamera, without incisions or trauma, and ensures a success rate of over 95%.

The pilonidal cyst treatment with the SiLaT technique has been widely applied by Proctoclinic Center on 500 patients, recording several successful conclusions in the first relevant statistical study worldwide.

The results of the medical study were recently announced by Dr. Alkiviadis Pappas at the 11th Proctology Congress held in Milan, and are expected to be published soon in an international medical journal.

How is the new minimally invasive laser method applied?

Initially, a detailed mapping of the area is preceded. The treatment is carried out in a single session, using a painless surgical laser that allows the application of radiation to the inner walls of the fistula under local anesthesia. The laser radiation induces a controlled photothermal process with a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, resulting in rapid healing and closure of the fistula and definitive healing of the patient.

Advantages of the SiLaT technique
  • Painless, bloodless and short treatment, lasting only 15 minutes
  • Zero hospitalization time, zero recovery costs and zero recovery time
  • Minimal trauma to the area. This saves the patient from painful and painful post-operative care with frequent changes, but also from the risk of exposure to infections or other complications
  • Immediate return to daily life and normal activities
  • Short restoration of the former normal shape of the area, as it was before the cyst
  • The treatment is definitive and is accompanied by excellent aesthetic results
  • Cases of recurrence are very rare, certainly much fewer than with other techniques
  • Application of the laser to the greater tail area almost eliminates the possibility of a new cyst or recurrence in this area

Image of the area before surgery

Image of the same area at the end of surgery

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