Colon polyps

A colonic polyp (POL-ip) is any mass of abnormal tissue that protrudes or appears outward or upward from the surface of the colon or rectum, growing from a broad base (sessile) or from a pedunculus (pedunculus). Early detection and removal of polyps prevents colon and rectal cancer.

Early detection of polyps can reduce the risk of cancer by 90%.

Polyps are one of the most common conditions affecting the colon and rectum, occurring in 15-20% of the adult population. Although most polyps are benign, the association between certain polyps and cancer has been confirmed.

How dangerous are polyps?

Most polyps are not dangerous as they are benign, which means they are not cancer. However, over time, some types of polyps can turn into cancer. Usually, polyps that are smaller than a pea are not dangerous. Larger polyps, however, may one day become cancer or may already be cancer. To be on the safe side, doctors remove all polyps and examine them.