What is the coccyx cyst?

A coccyx cyst or Coccygeal cyst is a fistula (tunnel under the skin) where we have our so-called “tail”. Its treatment used to require excision (cutting) of the damaged tissue. But things have changed since 2012, when Dr. Alkiviadis Pappas first developed the SiLaT technique, which has now become widely accepted and tends to completely replace the old methods.

Coccyx cyst is a fairly common condition. It occurs with a frequency of about 26 cases per 100,000 of the population, mainly in young men, in a ratio of 3 or 4:1 (men: women). A coccyx cyst is a fistula in the subcutaneous in the coccygeal region.

The majority of experts conclude that it is an acquired disease, although a minority believe it is a congenital condition.

Patey & Scarff, shortly after the end of World War II, hypothesized that the condition is the result of hair infiltration into the subcutaneous tissue, with a subsequent granulomatous reaction. Uncertainty as to its etiology and complexity is also found in its treatment. The best strategy in the management of the condition remains unclear. A wide variety of approaches are used in the management of the disease ranging from conservative treatment to extensive surgical resection. Several techniques have been described for the treatment of coccygeal cyst, but the optimal treatment is still under debate.

In recent years simple techniques such as simple scraping of the cavity, or use of fibrous adhesive, as well as chemical treatments of the wound, have gained greater acceptance in the treatment of coccygeal cyst. Our main goal should be to approach the ideal treatment, which should be simple, with minimal tissue loss and a low recurrence rate.

In addition, shorter hospital stays and minimal time for functional recovery and return to active life, with low cost and high aesthetic appeal.

The use of laser and optical fiber with cyclic energy diffusion has encouraging results in the treatment of perianal fistulas – sinus laser therapy (SiLaT) technique. The first results show that their use in the treatment of coccygeal cysts serves the basic parameters of ideal treatment.

Pilonidal cyst – laser treatment

The SiLaT technique saves the patient from pain and recovery time, as it is performed by laser application, takes only 15 minutes and offers a permanent result, without recurrences or complications.

This treatment for coccygeal cyst is different from any other known method, as it is applied internally to the fistula with the help of a micro camera, without incisions or trauma, and ensures a success rate of over 95%.

The coccyx cyst treatment with the SiLaT technique has been applied through the Proctology Center “Proctoclinic” on 500 patients, recording the successful conclusions in the first relevant statistical study worldwide.

The results of the medical study were recently announced by Dr. Alkiviadis Pappas at the 11th Proctology Congress held in Milan, and are expected to be published soon in an international medical journal.

Watch the video to see how it is done: Innovative method of treating coccygeal cyst without surgery