What are the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis?

The most common symptoms of ulcerative colitis are abdominal pain and bleeding diarrhea.

Patients may also notice:

  • fatigue
  • weight loss
  • loss of appetite
  • anal bleeding
  • loss of body fluids and nutrients

About half of the patients have mild symptoms. Others often experience fever, hemorrhagic diarrhea, nausea and severe abdominal cramps. Ulcerative colitis can also cause problems such as arthritis, eye inflammation, liver disease (fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis), osteoporosis, skin rashes, anemia and kidney stones. No one knows for sure why the problems occur in places other than the colon. Scientists believe that these complications may occur by triggering immune-induced inflammation in other parts of the body. These problems are usually mild and disappear when the colitis is treated.